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A weekly podcast about how technology is changing the way we interact with the world. Hosted by Jonathan Stark and Kelli Shaver.

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    Yelling In A Vacuum

    TRD Book Club! We geek out on Leviathan Wakes, book 1 of the Expanse series.

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    Inner Ear Thingy

    Facebook doubles down on mixed reality (and revolutionary I/O interfaces)

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    Large Waffle

    This week we talk about: smartphone addiction in millenials!

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    Upgradable Eyeball

    This week we talk about a platform for innovation inside the eye.

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    AI Arms Race

    This week we talk about - TRD book club!

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    The effect of big data + social media on public opinion.

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    Tiny Hand

    The challenges of becoming immortal through technology

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    Making Up Words

    Our top tech moments/announcements/trends of 2016.

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    Autonomous Bed

    The moral dilema of being an autonomous vehicle

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    MacGyver AI

    The genie letting itself out of the bottle

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    Selfie Facing

    This week we talk about: Bulbasaur!

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    Tesla's Master Plan, Part Two

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    Roger eBot

    Paying for coffee with your tattoo

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    Taco Pants

    Gadget Week: Gear VR, Uno Noteband, Echo Dot, and Nest Cam

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    Privacy, Security, and Encryption - Part 1

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    Hot Beds

    3D Printers - Part 2

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    More Betterer

    Tech that changed our lives in 2015

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    Lonely 2G

    Gadget week! Sonar for your head, eInk for your wrist, and a cellphone for your dog.

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    The Undifferentiated Big Blob Of Juice

    Gadget week! We talk about a pen that allows you to draw in 3D, an input surface that can morph into anything you like, and a solar powered electrical adapter that you can plug anything into.

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    The Original Push

    How a smartphone is like a mouse pointer for the physical world.

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    It Takes a Virtual Village

    Josh Hale from Village Features 3D on which industries virtual reality is poised to disrupt.

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    Physics Schmysics

    A listener question has us wishing that time travel was real.

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    Alexa, Make Me A Sandwich

    Gadget week! This time around, we’re going to devote the entire episode to Amazon Echo.

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    Actual Reality

    Hands on with Oculus Rift and our seemingly inevitable future in VR.

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    The coming wave of robot minions.

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    The potential pros and cons of conversational computing.

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    The Stinkeye

    How a simple camera could change everything about our relationships.

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    3D Bikini

    Scott Jenson from Google on dropping our obsession with servant-style automation.

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    Chill Pills for Elvis

    Gadget week! We talk about a holographic tabletop display, a mood altering headset, and active listening earbuds.

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    Hot Robots

    Artificial intelligence - what it is, when it's coming, and what it can do for us.

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    The trust vs track debate - should you use smart devices to track your kids?

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    Setting The Whack

    Smarthomes: why anyone might want such a thing and how we might get from where we are to where they be.

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    Infinite Notebook

    Four clever tech gadgets from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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    Burrito Rain

    We prepare to greet our drone overlords.

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    Haptic Ceiling

    We go deeper into the reality of virtual reality.

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    Ready Player One

    Virtual reality and why it's not as far off as you might think.

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    Whittling Pegs

    Negative reactions to Amazon's new Dash smart button.

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